Communication consulting

We offer you creative consultancy based on data and deep knowledge of the digital world while remaining faithful to your identity, helping you to interpret an ever-changing world and to use the best tools for your online positioning.


What is the service about

Competitor and SWOT analysis

We analyze your competitors and their communication strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

Value proposition definition

We define which are the distinctive characteristics of the company and which are the competitive ones.

Identification of buyer personas

We define who your potential customers are and what characteristics they have.

Brand manual per brand identity

Design del logo, palette colori and corporate tone of voice, photo shooting.

Support in the creation of the website

We help and support you in every step of the website creation.

Channel strategy development

Which communication channels need to be activated and which ones to optimize, with the subsequent creation of a strategic plan for social networks.

This service is for you if…

You want to understand and learn more about a constantly evolving world and to use the best tools for digital communication, defining specific objectives tailored to your company.


You want to understand how to improve your online positioning and communication


You want to define specific objectives for your corporate communication


You want someone next to you who can follow you at every stage, from the analysis to the operational part

Why you should choose us

MDS Strategy Lab is a dynamic reality that allows you to obtain one-to-one consultancy with high-impact results and performances thanks to its hub of freelance specialists and technical partners.

Specialists in your field

We know and deal with the field of consultancy, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, entrepreneurship

Always here for you

Quick answers thanks to our one-to-one and remote relationship throughout Italy

Customized solutions

We find solutions by optimizing budgets and results. Each step will be built for you and your business

Communication experts

Specialists in every field of digital, social, graphic design and corporate events world, all in one place


Frequently Asked Question

You will find here the answers to the most common doubts and questions about the Communication Consulting service.

Why is it important to have good communication?

Communication is a very important part of marketing: it not only helps you to position yourself better online and reach more users, but also to be more engaging!

Will you be available and reachable at every stage of the project?

Absolutely yes. We will accompany you in every part of this journey, from the analysis of the competitors that we will do for you up to the creation of the website, brand identity and strategic plan for social media. Our professionals will always be at your disposal.

I want to work together, how can I contact you?

To contact us, simply fill out the form on the “Contact” page: we’ll write to you to set up a free 30-minute introductory call.