Event marketing

Thanks to the marketing of events it is possible to facilitate the memorization of the brand by the consumer and to create a positive image for a long time. “Humanizing” the brand through memorable experiences establishes direct interaction and allows you to become part of the potential customer’s imagination. In fact, the organization of events is one of the most effective strategies for involving the consumer and creating a direct and lasting bond with him.


What is the service about

Development of a strategy

Development of a strategy We create for you an effective strategy for events related to your brand.

Event organization

We organize your events in Italy thanks to the support of professional Event Managers with decades of experience behind them.

Full management

For years we have contributed to the success of many famous Italian and international brands, thanks to the organization of meetings, press days, conventions, temporary stores.

This service is for you if…

You know that organizing events is one of the most effective strategies for involving the consumer and creating a direct and lasting bond with him, and you therefore want to be able to take advantage of it strategically.


You need someone to guide you in the strategy and organization of your events


You want a strategy that improves customers' perception of your brand, making it memorable


You want to entrust your events to professionals specialized in the sector

Why you should choose us

MDS Strategy Lab is a dynamic reality that allows you to obtain one-to-one consultancy with high-impact results and performances thanks to its hub of freelance specialists and technical partners.

Specialists in your field

We know and deal with the field of consultancy, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, entrepreneurship

Always here for you

Quick answers thanks to our one-to-one and remote relationship throughout Italy

Customized solutions

We find solutions by optimizing budgets and results. Each step will be built for you and your business

Communication experts

Specialists in every field of digital, social, graphic design and corporate events world, all in one place


Frequently Asked Question

You will find here the answers to the most common doubts and questions about the Event Marketing service.

Why is it important to entrust events to professionals?

We can guarantee you professional results and event marketing that is truly capable of making the customer become attached: together we will create a tailor-made strategy for your company that will allow you to involve the consumer by creating a real and lasting bond with him.

Do you already have experience in the sector?

Absolutely yes. We have been dealing with many famous brands for years, contributing to their success in meetings, conventions, temporary stores and other types of events.

I want to work together, how can I contact you?

To contact us, simply fill out the form on the “Contact” page: we’ll write to you to set up a free 30-minute introductory call.