Training on the use of social media for companies

With the MDS Strategy lab and as a trainer, I am responsible for carrying out in the classroom, remotely or on site at the company, lessons capable of providing concrete tools to optimize one’s presence on social media. We will see why the presence on social networks by company and employees is important, how to use the tools and publications correctly during corporate events or company goals, how to attract talent in the case of job offer publications, how to connect and build your own network of potential customers and partners.


What is the service about

Tailored training course

With Mds Strategy lab and as a trainer I take care of carrying out in the classroom, remotely or in the company, company inductions for the correct use of social media.

Practical tools

We provide you with concrete tools to optimize the presence of the company and its employees on social media, releasing digital guides that can be consulted when necessary.

Theoretical explanations

We will see why the presence of the company and employees on social networks is important and why it represents an effective method of involvement.

This service is for you if…

You want your company to have staff trained in managing social media and knowing how to use it strategically.


You have a business and you're not on social media yet, but you want to learn how to manage it according to your business goals


You are already on social networks but you want to learn how to use them effectively


You don't master the tools and need to learn how to make the most of them

Why you should choose us

MDS Strategy Lab is a dynamic reality that allows you to obtain one-to-one consultancy with high-impact results and performances thanks to its hub of freelance specialists and technical partners.

Specialists in your field

We know and deal with the field of consultancy, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, entrepreneurship

Always here for you

Quick answers thanks to our one-to-one and remote relationship throughout Italy

Customized solutions

We find solutions by optimizing budgets and results. Each step will be built for you and your business

Communication experts

Specialists in every field of digital, social, graphic design and corporate events world, all in one place


Frequently Asked Question

You will find here the answers to the most common doubts and questions about the complete Training on the use of social media for companies service.
What benefits can this type of training bring to my company?

Training employees on the use of social media will allow you to make more conscious and targeted use of it: you will optimize your presence on social media by correctly using each channel and exploiting its full potential, to reach potential customers but also young talents potentially interested in your reality.

Does the training take place in presence?

It is not necessary to meet in person. We will decide together how to deliver the course, whether remotely, in a classroom or in the company, in the most convenient way for the company and employees according to your availability.

I want to work together, how can I contact you?

To contact us, simply fill in the form on the “Contact” page: we’ll write to you to set up a free 30-minute introductory call.